Clif on the team!

I shared a teaser a couple of weeks ago and now I’m finally ready to share the news with you. I’ve partnered up with Clif in Denmark (IC Enterprices) and they make an awesome addition to the team!

Clif is the number one brand I go to for nutrition on my endurance events and adventures around the world, and I always used to bring several boxes of bars home from USA and Canada when I went to compete overseas. Now I don’t have to go through that trouble anymore as I can get all I need from this great company, right here in Denmark!

Clif will provide me with bars, blocs and gels, all I need for my training and long endurance competitions. All of Clif’s products are made with sustainable organic ingredients, baked with renewable energy and packed in environmentally friendly packaging, while tasting amazing – what’s not to love about that?

Clif doesn’t only deliver great tasting products of high quality, they are determined to reduce their environmental footprint in everything they do, while they’re at it. This makes it a perfect company for me to work with and support.


The Clif Bars I use as a quick and easy energy source on the go. In transitional moments between workouts or on the move, the bar comes in handy as a natural way to restore your energy reserves compared to a lot of the easy accessible “on the go” unhealthy foods. Clif Bars can also be used as a quick breakfast solution if you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to make your usual oatmeal or breakfast bowl.


The Shot Energy Gel and the Bloks Energy Chews will be used during long training sessions and especially on my endurance competitions like the longer OCR races. I love having gels and chews to alternate between, so I don’t have to solely rely on either liquid or solid nutrition while racing. This is crucial for the longer endurance events where you want some options to choose between.

The Bloks are soft as jelly and never go hard or become unchewable no matter the weather! I used them a lot during World’s Toughest Mudder last year, and they worked like a charm!


I’m very excited to add Clif to the team and I’m sure the brand will do amazing in our sport in Denmark, like it does overseas. Spartan Race in the US use Clif as their main nutrition partner, serving Clif Bloks Energy Chews and Clif Builder’s bars to all US Spartan races.


As Clif grows larger in Denmark more products will be available, so stay tuned for a larger lineup during this season 😉

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One Response to “Clif on the team!

  • Casper Breum
    2 years ago

    Flot artikel Ulrikke ! Vi er stolte af at have dig med på holdet
    Mvh Casper Breum / Clif Denmark

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