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As you may have noticed through my social media pages, I’ve started using an antigravity treadmill as part of my recovery from my tibial stress fracture and I’m excited to announce that I’ve now partnered up with ProAlign Sports Physiotherapy!


When I got diagnosed with a tibial stress fracture I immediately wanted to educate myself on the fastest and safest way back to my sport and I’d seen the AlterG antigravity treadmill being used by other athletes as a way to make a smoother transition from injury back to training. When I started researching on the AlterG I discovered ProAlign, a sports physiotherapist just 10 minutes from where I live, had one. After walking on it for the first time pain-free while still on crutches, I knew I wanted to incorporate AlterG into my training and recovery!


The antigravity treadmill allows me to move my body at everything from 100% down to 20% bodyweight, in 1% precise increments. By using the AlterG I’ve been able to make a graduate transition from no weight-bearing on my right leg to full weight-bearing when I got off the crutches without going from 0-100% overnight.

As my body heals up I’ll be introducing running again, starting on the AlterG at decreased bodyweight before I step outside. This way I can control the process and I have data day to day; if one day I have to decrease the BW % relative to the day before in order to be pain-free I know I’ve been pushing too hard the day prior. It is without a doubt a perfect tool for someone like me who can’t do anything in moderation.

Once I get back to running 100%, I’ll still be able to get huge benefit from the AlterG, as I can perform my intervals or extra sessions on the treadmill, allowing me to increase my mileage and intensity while decreasing the risk of injury!

I’m a huge fan of this cool invention and I’m very grateful Dorte from ProAlign allows me to use it on my way to becoming the best athlete I can be! 🙂


Dorte Nielsen is a Doctor of Physical Terapy and B.Sc. in Athletic Training educated in USA. She’s been working with every type of athlete from Crossfit Games winner Annie Thorisdottir to world’s highest ranked tennis player Caroline Wozniaki and she was a part of the Danish Olympic Delegation in Beijing 2008.

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